Coffee Gator Canister: Freshness & Beauty


Coffee Gator Canister: Freshness & Beauty


I love coffee … no, I mean, I love coffee! I don’t have enough class to be a coffee snob, but I am picky.

I want my coffee fresh. I’ve been known to dump out a whole pot rather than heat a cup in the microwave (ugh!). No instant coffee … sorry mom. And, unless it’s iced, I want it HOT.

I prefer it made with fresh grounds rather than pods. My pod loving friends and family, you know who you are and that’s fine, but I want to be able to control the strength. And … I want it to stay fresh.

So when I saw this beautiful red canister, I knew I had to have it. It also comes in blue, black, gold and stainless, by the way.

And … it was the perfect addition to my coffee station. That’s why I chose the red one.


Coffee Gator Canister: Freshness & Beauty


For those of you who want all the technical particulars, this is what the “Coffee Gator” people have to say about their canisters:

  • ENJOY DELICIOUSLY FRESH COFFEE – You pay a premium for quality beans, so respect them. You wouldn’t park a Ferrari in a dark alley or tie a racehorse up outside a bar. So why leave quality coffee in a packet that belongs in the trash? This premium quality, stainless steel container looks the bees knees and loves your coffee like a taxi driver loves a naive tourist.
  • SAFE FROM FLAVOR DESTROYERS – Coffee beans naturally emit CO2. But when it comes to storing coffee, CO2 is the enemy. We won’t bore you with the science, but take it from us; CO2 to coffee is like salt to a slug, de-icer to a cat or kryptonite to Superman. This has a one-way valve which allows Co2 to leave but stops light from entering and attacking flavor.
  • TRACK FRESHNESS: SAVE DOLLARS – The Coffee Gator Can protects your investment. It has a handy wheel on the lid to track the expiry date. So you can serve guests coffee at it’s prime, reduce waste and save on replacing stale beans and grinds. We even throw in a free eBook & scoop worth $7.97.
  • DRINK BETTER COFFEE – our mission is more smiles per cup. That’s why we NEVER compromise on quality, service or your happiness. If these values are not important to you, cheaper options on the market may better fit your needs.
  • BETTER COFFEE, ZERO RISK – Choose Gator if you care about quality, service and your personal happiness. Want proof? During 2016 our products received 2907 positive reviews (that’s 97.8%). At this point, most discerning, good looking, coffee drinkers tend to click “Add to Cart”. Need more convincing? Our 100% satisfaction, no quibble, money back guarantees all Coffee Gator products. We’re good like that.


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Large Red Coffee Storage Canister – Fresher for Longer – Stainless Steel Vault with Co2 Release Valve – Includes Scoop & Ebook – By Coffee Gator

Also available in blue, black, gold and stainless. Sizes: small, medium and large.

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