My Repurposed Garden


What is that saying? “One person’s junk is another man’s treasure.” That is sometimes true in my decorating, but it’s especially true when it comes to my garden.

I love to repurpose the worn and rusty, faded and forgotten.


Welcome to my repurposed garden.


Walk into my back yard and you’ll find an assortment of repurposed and saved-from-the-junk-pile treasures. Wagon wheels. Flat irons and cowbells. Shovels and pitchforks. Painted furniture. A brass headboard. And birdhouses, old and new.

I’ve been known to buy rusty ice tongs, shiny glass balls, mismatched dishes, tin cups, old pitchers, painted wooden chests, and a rocking chair with one rocker.

I’ve rescued broken watering cans, old bird cages, and rusted out buckets, just for starters.

Thankfully, my husband shares my love for old things (after all he’s kept me). We both enjoy poking around in second hand and antique shops wherever we go. Garage and estate sales are great, too.Β My husband recently found a chandelier on an “as-is” rack at a local home store.

Look around and you’ll see my great-grandfather’s cowbell (his cow wore it, not him) hanging from a tree, along with crosses, bird feeders, and a tin cup wind chime.

There’s an old fashioned lamp post that lights a cozy corner come evening. We found it propped up at a salvage yard with the cement still attached. It makes me think of Narnia whenever I look at it.

One of our latest finds is a brass headboard. I’m trying to coax some ivy to grow around it.

I’ve been collecting bird houses for years. They hang from trees and sit among plants and flowers. They’ve even spilled over into the house.

We have birdbaths and bird feeders, too. Sparrows. Finches. Grackles. Thrashers. Woodpeckers. Mockingbirds (though only a few this year). And hummingbirds.Β My spoiled feathered friends get wild bird seed, suet, loaves of bread from the dollar store, and homemade hummingbird nectar.

And I can’t pass up colored bottles, though the bottle tree is a work in progress. I think it needs some vines climbing around it. That may be a project for next spring.

Here are a few photos:


A wind chime made up of recycled tin cups, plates, and flatware.


My Garden

Some of my treasures nestle under a green ash tree.


Vines climb around a support post and hanging pots.


My Garden Bell

We found this bell in a dusty antique shop.



My husband loves roosters. This one was his mom’s.


A birdcage and an old toolbox filled with flowers.


A hanging pot with a silver kitty tucked in.


My bottle tree.


Our “Narnia” lamp and a trio of mirrors that reflect the sun.


Potted plants that line the patio and perch on tables.



Our favorite tree is this willow which towers over one end of the yard.


My husband’s chandelier hanging in our willow tree.


That’s my garden, I hope you enjoyed seeing itΒ as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

As far as the plants and flowers go, I wish I could say that I have a green thumb. Instead, I try to find things that grow easily. If they don’t do well, I plant something different the next time. And, yes, it takes a fair amount of work in the spring to get things started (much of it done by my patient, loving husband), but I love the result … seeing God’s handiwork in the color and variety of plants, the birds, and, oh yes, our three turtles.

And I love seeing colorful glass balls peek through the leaves, vines growing around the wagon wheel my grandson gave me and roses climbing up another. I enjoy the painted red bench, a gift from one daughter, the stained glass window showing through the ivy from the other, colorful glass birdbaths from grandchildren, and dozens of little surprises from my husband.

Our yard is a refuge for me. I love to sit outside in the morning, drinking coffee and reading my Bible. Some days I have to make myself head inside to do other things and other times, I admit lingering. Many times I do my blogging and writing outside. It’s my favorite office space.

Where do you find your refuge? Do you have a place that charges your batteries? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.




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  1. I love your gardens and your junk – a woman after my own heart. I found you from SYC. Pop over when you have a few minutes and take a tour of my gardens and my junk.

  2. Your yard and garden is wonderful and full of treasures! I just love your Narnia lamp post and the chandelier in the tree. I bought a chandelier I just had to have with no where to put it. Maybe I should try that. It all looks whimsical and I can see why you like to spend time there.

    • Donna Reidland

      I bet you’ll love your chandelier hanging from a tree. Ours doesn’t work, but I’ve seen some that do. Obviously, they’ve been properly wired for the outside.

  3. I love it! So many great things to see and items getting a new life. Would be amazing to just sit outside and enjoy the surroundings! πŸ™‚

  4. Donna- what a magical place! I love the personalization and the coziness of the garden! I enjoyed all the pictures!
    Visiting from #InspireMeMondays

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